Internal Newsletter

Hello everyone,

because of GDPR-regulation, we, as everyone else, are required to follow a double-opt-in newsletter signup process.
Readers sign-up with their email-address and then have to confirm their subscription via a link we sent them immediately afterwards.

Annoyingly for us, some readers simply forget to click on this link.
In the past, different people on the whole vegconomist team haven been manually resending those people the confirmation links on a weekly basis. The plugin didn't allow for an automatic processing.

There were two issues connected with this:
  1. Depending on the day the signed up, they received the resent confirmation email up to seven days afterwards. Not while they were still "fresh".
  2. The process was manual and therefore prone to human error/delay, and was sometimes even forgotten.
No more!
To solve these issues, we developed a small plugin over the course of the last two weeks that does this job completely automatic and on an hourly basis. Therefore, when someone signs up at 3pm they receive their additional confirmation emails at the same time, making it more likely that they are at the computer to see them.

Everybody who signs up for our newsletter will receive an additional confirmation link after 24 and 48 hours if they haven't confirmed yet.

This will almost certainly lead to more newsletter subscriber growth from now on and fewer people who almost signed up.

Have a nice week!